Case Studies

case study

“I use Mall Voice audio advertising to communicate my weekly deals for the shoppers in close proximity to my outlet. Since starting to use the in-mall audio ads the footfall to my outlet has increased for 5-10% per week compared to the time before. It certainly seems that the ads are a nice way to bring my sandwiches top-of-mind for the hungry shoppers.”

Jarmo Saloranta, Francisee

case study
Polarn O. Pyret

”We receive continuous feedback from our retail stores that the in-mall audio ads are heard and noticed by consumers in the shopping malls. We have experienced incremental footfall since the start of the campaigns which is what we set as the main objective from the beginning.”

Nina Kivisilta
Marketing and E-com Manager

In an in-mall audio ad campaign that was implemented in the spring of 2018, 87% of the respondents considered the audio ads easy to understand and 29% of those who recalled the ad visited the store and/or made a purchase at Polarn O. Pyret.

case study


Book Publisher Docendo marketed a book title “Yksi rykmentti, sata tarinaa” in collaboration with one of their retailers Suomalainen Kirjakauppa, a market leader book store chain.

The campaign objective was to drive sales for the title and the results exceeded expectations. “The campaign worked very well! The sales of the title has tripled during the campaign period compared to the sales in the same period last month.”

Eira Sillanpää, Marketing coordinator, Suomalainen Kirjakauppa

case study
Burger King

“We buy audio advertising centrally for our outlets in shopping malls mainly to drive share-of-wallet within the fast food category of the weekly shoppers. Even though we buy centrally, the Mall Voice product allows us to be hyper-local as we can define the ad copy separately for each of the shopping malls.”

Anna Koskinen, Brand manager

case study
Veikkaus Gaming State gaming monopoly

“Our long term audio ad packages is a great way to drive weekly promotions for the various gaming products as well as communicate our brand values including responsible gaming. Due to the fact that our re-sellers are located in the most shopping malls, we reach millions of consumers close to point-of-purchase in a cost effective manner.”

Suvituuli Tuukkanen, Brand Director

case study


KiiltoClean – a maker of hygiene products and cleaning agents for consumers – ran an audio ad campaign in 26 shopping malls in Finland.

The objective was to drive footfall and conversion at KESKO retail customers located in malls. An audio ad campaign was executed in isolation from any other media activity before and during the airing.

The gross reach was 14M consumers during a 3 week period.

Results: Uplift of 21% in sales for the KiiltoClean product range compared to the same period the year before.

Shopping Mall
case study

“We at CITYCON implemented the Mall Voice integrated solution for audio ads and background music 9 years ago. Our aim was to provide our tenants added value and a media channel that helps them to drive footfall, consideration and purchase intent among the mall audience.

A majority of our tenants use the audio ads regularly as they have seen tangible results in terms of increased revenue. The in-mall audio ad solution has significantly contributed to our overall revenue increase at our malls.”

Mari Laaksonen,
Commercial Director